Take care of your skin with paraben-free cosmetics

With natural ingredient products only

There are so many reasons why Origins cosmetics are both loved and appreciated that I almost don’t know what to start with. However, one of the most important values defining the brand is committed to well-being – ours and the planet’s. A promise that is actually found in everything that Origins does: from the formula of its products up to the packaging. Or, simply, by planting trees – the one of the brand’s way of saving the planet.

The product formulas contain natural ingredients, which are combined with non-toxic scientific innovations. Each product is carefully tested, as to ensure that they bring about help and well-being, and that none of them might ever harm health. The natural ingredients originate from the safest sources and must meet at least 25 criteria in order to be integrated into the Origins’ range of products. The packaging of each transported product is recyclable. And no, they’re not tested on animals. Furthermore, the brand’s credo – that of planting trees – is a way of relentlessly taking care of the planet.

Convinced to try them? Well, we’re proposing, below, two skin-care sets that you’ll love. A lot!



Dr Andrew Weil Redness Relievers Set

A set that contains two products: a light lotion and a serum, recommended for redness, sensitive, dehydrated complexion – all of the effects that occur due to pollution. The products contain Reishi mushrooms (that’s why the line is called Mega-Mushroom), named also the mushrooms of immortality, which have now been used, in Chinese traditional medicine, for over 7000 years. They calm and relax the skin, fade the redness and the ageing signs. The line was created in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Weil.


Masks for Every Climate

Three face masks that you’ll love, especially as they’re created for any type of skin. The first, Drink Up Intensive, is a hydrating mask that you apply in the evening, before bedtime, and that you let do its magic until morning. Out of Trouble, as the name states, is meant for an imperfect, challenging complexion, and it only applies for ten minutes. Last but not least, Clear Improvement is a purifying mask that cleanses the pores, leaving your skin perfectly fresh and healthy.


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