Sweet moments

They are welcome anytime. Especially if they have a rich content of cocoa!

Of course, February, with its Valentine’s Day, made me think of some sweet moments – couples holding hands, loving each other and sharing everything. Even… chocolate! Somehow, I found myself making this connection between love and chocolate: probably because it’s a gift that makes you smile right away. And a tasty treat, especially when it’s enjoyed in a couple. Yes, it takes two. So choose one of the following options below – of course, that’s if you can refrain yourself from tasting from each of them.


Coeur Iconique, Godiva

For connoisseurs, the brand name Godiva is quite enough: Belgian chocolate of the highest quality, with a history of over 90 years. And here’s what I propose: a heart-shaped box with a fabulous design, consisting of delicious candies with white, black, and milk chocolate. Some of them have also liqueur – simply mouth watering!


Lindor Mango, Lindt

If you had the feeling that you have tried almost all types of chocolate, well, I’m almost sure I’ll surprise you with something new: the limited edition of Lindor Mango from Lindt. We’re talking about white chocolate with the finest mango and cream filling. A unique, refined combination that needs to be loved.


Luxury Assortment, Guylian

Well, just take a chocolate passionate and put in front of him a box of chocolates. Not any, but the Luxury Assortment from Guylian. What is going to be his reaction, you may wonder? Well, more than likely, it’ll going to be hard for him to decide what candy to choose. The white chocolate? The dark chocolate? The caramel one? Or the one with the hazelnut cream? Well, I must confess, it’s not an easy decision to take! Not at all!


Chocolate Balls and Discs, Mozart

The Mozart chocolate is already famous! I bet that every time you’ve been in Austria you ate some Mozart candies. The box that I’m proposing to you contains 26 candies and chocolate disks with an extremely tasty and slightly crispy filling. You vow to eat only a few, but it’s not at all easy to stop!


Assorted Dark Bars, Baratti & Milano

Opened in 1858, Baratti & Milano literally translates through Italian sweets of the highest quality. It’s a brand with a longstanding tradition, which deservers the most rightful respect. They have a rich variety of sweets, but this time, I stopped at a box of extremely fine dark chocolate – savor it every day, with or without coffee!

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