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What does UVA, UVB and other abbreviations on the labels of solar products mean

Summer = sun protection filter products. We already know that. But do we apply them properly? Or did we choose the right product? Are they really effective? Well, if we understand the abbreviation significance on the products’ labels, we will know if we’ve chosen the right thing.



Meaning, the ultraviolet rays that touch the surface of the Earth. Neither the clouds, nor the windows can protect you from them. These rays do not cause any skin burns – so you won’t feel any pain – but they deeply penetrate into the skin, deeper than the UVB rays. And yes, they are responsible for the appearance of wrinkles, but also of skin cancer.



They’re the ultraviolet radiations that devastate the superficial layers of the skin. They don’t go through the clouds, but they’re responsible for bronzing, redness and sunburn.



It’s the short for Sun Protection Filter. On the label of a product, the figure next to the SPF indicates the level of protection against the UVB rays. That means the product protects you from sunburn, but not against UVA rays, which can do you a lot of harm. There are also solar products that offer UVA, and UVB protection, yet this is always stated on the label.


What SPF product to choose

The higher sunscreen filter is 50. I know you want to get tanned, but dermatologists do not recommend using products with less than 30 SPF. In addition, SPF products do not protect the skin from the moment they are applied. Most of us go to the beach and only there they use the sunscreen. Well, it should have been applied 30 minutes before any sun exposure. Only then will it be truly effective.


Finally, don’t forget that the healthiest bronze is the one obtained with tanning products, not by sun exposure!

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