Haven’t been to the beach yet? Well, it doesn’t matter. A bronzing powder will make you glow

Yes, I know that the summer season has just  started. However, every sunny spring hour I day dream to that vacation look when the sun slightly colors my cheekbones. It’s just that, lately, I don’t seem to have the patience to wait for this year’s holiday. Actually, I am so impatient, I want this look starting right now. So, I think a small yet efficient trick is in order: the bronzing powder. It’s a wonder-product to get the „I’ve-just-came-from-the-beach” look, even if I haven’t stepped on the the warm, fine sand since last year.

Oh, and I almost forgot, it’s so easy to use: I just have to apply the powder in those places where I usually get my natural tan – the cheekbones, a splash on the forehead, then a small touch on the chin and on the tip of my nose. And there’s more: it takes only ten seconds.

Well, all sounds good, but what is the perfect product? Below you can find some of my favourites: powder or bronzing pearls. Pick one, you’ll surely love it all summer long. And a little bit in advance.

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