Style file: Sofia Coppola

A story about understated elegance and charisma

The first thing you notice about Sofia Coppola is her refined, yet relaxed style. The unstudied, discreet elegance impeccably combined with just the right dose of self-confidence. Her outfits are never pretentious or laud, and that’s because Sofia doesn’t need any trick to make an impression. Being herself is just enough: it’s almost like she makes no effort to look good. Yet she does, with her slightly messy hair and natural make-up that almost hide her age. I wondered myself: how old is Sofia Coppola? Well, she’s 45 years, yet she gives you the strange impression that she does not age. And, oh yes, she’s got style: definitely worth getting some inspiration from her outfits.



Casual stripes

Seems so simple, yet it’s such a refined look: jeans and a white blouse with navy stripes and some gold metal buttons. Sofia wore this dress at the Paris Fashion Week, and accessorized it with a vintage clutch and two white cuff bracelets.


Black and white

To a pair of straight pants which suit her flawlessly, Sofia wears a white shirt with a black collar and cuffs, high heeled sandals, also black, a clutch and that’s all – a seemingly casual outfit, yet so sophisticated and worthy of the New York Fashion Week.




Delicate accessories

How to wear a black overall with white small polka dots? Just as Sofia Coppola does: without adding too many accessories. She chose only two discrete pieces of jewelry – a bracelet and a very fine chain.


The black dress

Black, but innocent. It has a medium length and a printed collar – in fact the only detail that draws your attention. She was photographed wearing it at the New York Fashion Week, next to the model Karolina Kurkova.




The evening dress

Again so different from what we’re used to see on the red carpet. Without any glitter, feathers or an exaggerated décolletage. Sofia chose this printed long dress for the International Film Festival of Marrakech and she mixed it with just a pair of sensational earrings, a clutch and a very thin pair of strappy sandals. So chic!

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