Style file: Ryan Reynolds

Or 10 of the most stylish outfits worn by the Canadian actor

Yes, he’s sexy. And not just in the movies or on the red carpet, when he’s always dressed to the nines. We chose to talk about Ryan because he knows how to wear an elegant suit, just as well as a more laid back outfit, with jeans, sneakers and a scarf tossed, apparently, nonchalantly around his neck.
We really like his fashion style. At the official premieres he is always elegant, wearing a suit, with a tie (or bow tie!) for a perfect attire.

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However, in his spare time or when attending more relaxed events, he goes for smart casual outfits, which suit him so well!
We picked great 10 photographs, with 10 outfits to match – we picked the ones we loved the most, of course, but also the ones that can be a valuable source of inspiration for any of you gentlemen out there. So, let’s see: which are your favorites?

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