Style file: Gigi Hadid

5 awesome looks you can really get inspired from.

There’s something about this girl that makes us all go wacky. She’s daring, she’s carefree, she’s real. And most of all, she is so chameleonic. Yesterday you saw her in a sleek dress with stiletto heels; today she’s walking the streets of NY in sneakers and trashy jeans. And tomorrow she’s mixing them all together, showing up in a loose t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and high-heels. That’s the spirit we love! Check out below some awesome Gigi Hadid looks that might get you inspired.  



Hot Mamma

Getting ready for a night out? How about going for that Gigi’s all black trendy outfit? Above-the-knee boots, button-front leather skirt, masculine stripped shirt and a lovely ankle-length coat. Steal the inspiration and create your own amazing look.


Stylish Lady

If you are not a fan of bold colors, take my advice and go monochrome, just like Gigi did. She went for a white shirt with an ivory skirt, a fashionable coat with glittery applications and feminine ankle strapped sandals. Just add your stylish accessories and you’re ready to go.

Gigi Hadid



Traveler’s Code

When you travel you usually want to feel comfortable. But nope, that doesn’t mean wearing just about anything. Take this outfit for instance: so casual and relaxed, yet so damn fashionable. Get inspired from the color combinations and just keep in mind this one thing: always wear a statement piece. In this case – the lovable silver oxford shoes.


Rebel Yell

A rebel with a sense of fashion would totally wear this. Gigi Hadid took the trashy jeans to the limits, showing her leg more than expected. Still, matching the stiletto shoes with the boyfriend jeans and an elegant coat is a daring presence that shows a lot of creativity and self-confidence.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid


Festival Swing

Going to see your favorite bands, hopping on the grass, sipping on some cider? Well, as lightweight your heart is so your clothes should be. Choose a bohemian outfit, just to keep the tradition alive. White dress, colorful bracelets and a hat. Or how about a turban? It looks really stunning, right?

Other Gigi Hadid looks to fall for

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