Staz Lindes

Meet the beautiful blonde chosen to be the image of Yves Saint Laurent make-up line

Yves Saint Laurent is already known for picking up for its campaigns the coolest and on the rise models. A few names? It’s enough to mention Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Sophie Dhal and, now, Staz Lindes. At 24, Staz – born in the United Kingdom and raised in Santa Monica, California – has a famous parent (her father is Hal Lindes, the guitarist of Dire Straits) and is a photographer and guitarist in the rock band The Paranoyds. Maybe that’s why, when asked about she does, Staz speaks less about modeling and more about her passions: music and photography. She began studying the cello in the fourth grade, and then, at 11, bass guitar and then classic guitar. And now we see her the new YSL campaigns.
Staz was chosen for new Tint-in Balm and Gloss Stain Lipstick, as well as for Touche Eclat Le Coushion – where she appears alongside model Amilna Estevao, originally from Angola. And no, we were not at all surprised when we found out that two of the campaigns in which she appears are for lip products. It’s because Staz simply has the most gorgeous lips. She said, in an interview for, that people used to compare her with Angelina Jolie ever since she was little, but for many years she hasn’t figured out why.

Back to her collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent, it began some while ago, back in the fall of 2015. Hedi Slimane, then creative director of the brand, asked her to join the models who were presenting YSL’s Spring-Summer collection at the Fashion Week. She said yes and, since then, she has conquered us all!

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