So, you didn’t get me anything from the trip?

Uh-oh. You’re in big trouble, mister.

You must know by now that look. Cause that’s how it all starts: from “besides the fact you’re always travelling, and you didn’t even think of getting me a gift” it quickly escalades to “maybe you bought something for someone else, who knows“, to end up, after a couple of hours, to something like “it’s exactly like that time, on September the 12th, two years ago, when you went out with the guys and came back the next day, without even texting me”.

Who the hell knows what happened two years ago? A woman who didn’t receive a gift from your business trip, I tell you. I’m a woman, so take my word for it. And by the way, do whatever you like, but don’t forget to text. EVER!

And, as a woman, I feel obliged to share with you some insights, so pay attention. OK, I know you’re a businessman and travel a lot. Yes, sometimes every single week. And you’re tired, and have a lot of your mind, like that company who just didn’t want to close the deal, although your offer was the best. And your phones are always ringing and your inbox is about to reach its limit (can this really happen?!) and so on. But getting a gift for your lover is a sign that, in the midst of all that storm, you still thought about her. And that’s so precious. It’s the little things that make the difference, you’ve undoubtedly heard this before, probably a million times. And now that I’ve laid the bigger picture for you, just imagine this: how that little gift could have saved you from an endless and nerve-wrecking discussion that will eventually involve, oh yes!, your mom. And you wouldn’t want that – the two most important women in your life ganging up on you –, would you?

So, let’s get straight to the point: what are the options? Well, honestly, you’ve got no real options, so get your priorities in order: however busy you might get with your business affairs, always get her a nice gift from the city you’re travelling to. And for God’s sake, not something “useful or practical” like a small vacuum cleaner. It’s about her, so buy something traditional that suits her hobbies or passions.

OK, you’ll say that I don’t know how your business unfolds once you’re there: you get to the airport, someone picks you up, and drives you to an office building, you get inside the conference room and after the meeting is over, you end up alone in a hotel, absolutely exhausted, thinking you can finally get some sleep – when the phone rings again. It’s your honey bunny.

But what if there is another way? A way that involves no walking or driving through the city,  getting advice from shop consultants, on deciding what gift should you pick, how big the gift box should be or, your personal favorite, what color should the ribbon on the gift box have? So, I’m pretty sure you are interested about the other way. It is as simple and efficient as your business trips: it only takes a plane ticket (which you already have) and a few clicks on your office laptop or phone (which you carry around all the time, anyway). Yes, I’m talking about the online airport shop. The best thing about is that you can order online from the very day you bought your plane ticket – which means that your honey bunny can choose the gift(s) herself before you even travel. Not really a source of amazement, but unmistakably effective.

But, well, if you really want to surprise her, you can simply order online and have the package sent to her office or at home, while you are away. And if you want to put a cherry on top, you can ask the BestValue team to write a personalized note and attach it to your gift. That would be something, right? You can do it anytime. And it works like magic, trust me.

So the next time you’ll get home to your loved one from one of your business trips, some “things” will magically disappear: the frowning, the anger, and that looog 3 hours talk about “where this relationship is going”. And the clothes. Blink blink.

Oh, and in case you have no idea what to get her, here you have some women-approved suggestions.

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