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5 must have classic fragrances you must own – at least once in your lifetime

I remember how, as a child, I would sometimes sneak into my parents’ bedroom. After making sure nobody was around to catch me, I would sit at my mother’s toilet table, admiring her cosmetics – careful not to ruin, mess-up or, even worse, break something. I would always find a bottle of perfume from which I would spray a little on my wrist or just in the air – I remember even today how powerful this gesture seemed to me, as a little girl, and the immense joy I used to feel. Somehow, in my naiveté, I was convinced that no one will notice that I used my mother’s scent ☺. It was an Opium from Yves Saint Laurent, a perfume that I learned to truly appreciate only years after, as a grown-up woman. It’s a classic, one of those fragrances that you must have, at least once in a lifetime.


Shalimar, Guerlain

Created in 1925, Shalimar remains a luxury perfume, rich and sensual. The subtle notes of jasmine and rose blend majestically with those of vanilla. It’s a fabulous evening scent that will put you on the spotlight.


Opium, Yves Saint Laurent

It is a unique combination with notes of bergamot, mandarin, jasmine and myrrh. It’s powerful and voluptuous – the opposite of discretion, but in a good and delicious sense. It has conquered women (and men’s hearts) since 1977, when it was released. Since then, several new Opium editions were launched, but the original aroma remains a constant reference.


L’air du Temps, Nina Ricci

Launched in 1948, after World War II, this fragrance’s bottle is decorated with white doves, the symbols of peace. Its floral-spicy aroma has endured the test of time and it’s famous until today. It contains notes of bergamot, rose, carnation, but also cedar wood, sandalwood and musk.


Eternity, Calvin Klein

Launched in 1988, it is undoubtedly the most legendary and well-known fragrance from Calvin Klein. It was originally thought as a flavour that celebrates the most important values in life: love, family and peace. It’s a masterly mix of citrus, violets, lilies, carnations, but also woody notes and musk.


Tresor, Lancome

The treasure of the house of Lancome was created in 1990. Tresor, one of the most famous perfumes in the world, seduces with its oriental-floral accords, sublimely assorted with rose, heliotrope, peach and iris notes. A fragrance that speaks of love and grace.

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