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This spring-summer season brings us a powerful romantic look – innocent, fresh, clean. Why not give it a try?

Loose curls, braids and a hint of fresh pink on the cheeks – a look so sweet, as a love poem, in a color palette that almost seems depicted from a Jean-Honore Fragonard painting. It’s the kind of look that can flatter both a teenager and a woman in her thirties. And the good news: it’s not that complicate to do it yourself. But firstly, let’s go back to the roots and find some inspiration.

The best example comes from Alexander McQueen’s collection. Designer Sarah Burton comes with a different approach that sets the collection apart from the past established eccentricities of the McQueen house: no face masks, no crazy hairstyling. Nothing shocking. Just an ultra-romantic collection, with a slight vintage air, silk pastel dresses, ruffles and spaghetti straps. The make-up and hair are in line and emphasize the poetic feel of the show: clean face, pink blush, pinky-nude lips, braids, loose curls and, over all, an apparent effortless look. And the best part is yet to come: you can easily do it by yourself, even in a morning when you pushed the snooze button too many times.

Freshness is the secret of romantic make-up. Just pick a cheerful pink blush, just like a lollipop. Apply it on your cheekbones, smile and only then decide if you need more color or if a subtle coat of mascara is just enough. If you feel like adding an extra touch, choose between lip-gloss and eye shadow – both would be too much. Complete your look with a simple hairstyling: a messy braid. Or, you have curly hair, just add a little bit of mousse for well-defined curls. Just a drop of a floral fragrance and, voila: you have an innocent romantic look, just like a teenager head-over-heels in love.

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