Hymn to beauty

The new Coccinelle handbag collection is all about femininity and beauty

The Italian top model Mariacarla Boscono is the image for the spring-summer 2016 Coccinelle handbag campaign. In her hands, the bags turn into kittens – at least that’s what we see in the promotional video. Why? Because cats are women’s favorite pets, Coccinelle chose the kittens to be the stars of the new campaign, alongside Mariacarla. The concept was also the source for the idea of a hashtag used on the social networks: #Coccinellelovescats. And yes, we love them too J.
The famous Italian brand has also made a photo shoot for this collection, whose stars are, of course, Mariacarla and the kittens. “In the new campaign we stress the positive idea of a conscious and confident woman, a determined and concrete woman who nonetheless never loses her femininity and beauty”, explains Eleonora Pujia, Communications Manager Coccinelle. The photographs have a predominant pale pink color – from a pink background to just a few tiny accents.
But of course, let’s not forget about the bags! The start is the new Perine bag, versatile and glam, available in leather and suede, or even perforated leather. It’s trapeze-shaped and it features two handles, and interior pocket. It’s also quite large – you’ve got plenty of room for your agenda, your iPad and your cosmetic kit. The best part? The color combinations: there shades for every bag, so you can easily mix it with any outfit. 

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