The silver medal

The new season shines. Literally. It comes with silver and mirror-like accessories

Bags, earrings, belts and jewelry. They all have strong reflexes and the amazing wow factor. Season bonus: the silver accessories are no longer reserved to the evening outfits. You can now just as well wear them at the office.



The leather bag

I saw it in the Dior show and it was love at first glance: textured leather and medium sized. All in silver. Just perfect! Further more, it’s an upgrade for any look, be it casual, office or evening. The strong point: it really stands the test of time. You’ll surely wear it in the seasons to come.


The oversized belt

My favorite comes from A. F. Vandervorst: mirror-like leather and an oversized bow. At first glance I said to myself it would only compliment an evening gown. But the two Belgian designers made me change my mind: wearing it with an androgynous suit with pants and blazer – just a perfect way to highlight your classical suit, lost somewhere in the back of your wardrobe.




Fingerless gloves

I’ve noticed them many times, especially linked with the rock inspired outfits. As a rule, they are black. But Chanel broke the boundaries with some fabulous silver leather fingerless gloves. Tip: to be worn in the most unexpected way, just like on the catwalk – with a deux-pieces.


Metallic earrings

The bigger and shinier, the better. The silver earrings really emphasize the minimalist looks. The perk: a trendy effortless chic look. As for the best source of inspiration, check out Marni spring-summer 2016.

accesorii argintii 6

accesorii argintii5


Cuff bracelets

They are in trend for a few seasons now, either as a unique accessory, either worn on both wrists. At Tod’s, the “perforated” silver cuff bracelet was the star of the collection. Powerful statement, easy to wear – almost anytime and anywhere.

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