In the name of the rose

The cosmetics based on rose extracts are famous for their efficiency: they get the job done. Every time

 Once with the long-awaited spring, I keep on dreaming about a long week-end in Grasse – a town in Southern France and the renowned world’s perfume capital. It is here that the most known and precious roses grow. The flowers are praised not only for they aroma, but also for their antibacterial, hydration, tonifying and relaxing properties. They are all key in the beauty industry, so it’s no wonder that many cosmetics we love are made with extracts, oil or rose water. And you’d better believe it: they really work. That’s why I put together my favorite top 5 rose products. Check them out!



Rose 4 Reines body milk, L’Occitane 

I confess that, even if my bathroom is jammed with way too many cosmetics, I sometimes skip using the body lotion. There dare days in which I simply lack the patience for it. Of course, I find excuses: I’m late or just can’t wait to get out of the bathroom after a too hot shower. Yet, I think I still have a chance: for a couple of weeks now, since I bought the L’Occitane en Provence body milk, I’ve used it every day. And not because I had to, but because I loved it. It hydrates the skin perfectly, it absorbs easily, and, needless to say, its scent is simply awesome: a melange of Grasse, Bulgarian, Turkish and Moroccan roses. It appealed to me so much that I’ve even bought the shower gel from the same line.


Serenity liquid soap, Rituals

More rose notes? Yep, definitely. Only this time, as a liquid soap. The one from Rituals had organic ingredients: Indian rose extracts and sweet almond oil. I adore it not only as a great moisturizer, but also for its aroma which matches perfectly with my other body care cosmetics.




Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, Clarins

I guess you already now by now: my lips get dry easily. That’s why I use lips balm several times a day and, mandatory, before I go to sleep. I have one stashed everywhere: in my tote, in my office drawer, on my nightstand, in my car. If it happens forget to get out the house without a lip balm, I will certainly buy a new one. The last lip balm I’ve test it is from Clarins. It’s an intense moisturizer, so I keep it on my nightstand. Its formula is made up with a ceramide complex, aromatic plants and… and… if you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m telling you: rose wax.


Eau de parfum Live Irresistible, Givenchy

There are plenty of fragrances with rose notes. Roses from Damask, Grasse, Turkey, Bulgaria or India. This delicate flower is certainly one of the most preferred and sought after ingredients within the perfume industry. So it was a real challenge to choose only one for this story. But, it’s a personal list after all, so I have to make a decision. And my vote goes to… Live Irresistible from Givenchy. It’s a sensual fragrance with red rose notes mingled to perfection with pineapple, pepper and musk. 




Eau Micellaire Lancome Doucer Express Cleansing

After a glorious morning spoiling myself with rose body care products, a micellar water with the same magic ingredient makes perfect sense. With French roses, if possible. I came across this formula at Lancome, and for natural reasons – the brand’s logo is the rose itself and a bunch of their products are based on oils or rose extracts. And the micellar water doesn’t make an exception. I highly endorse it, because it instantly removes my make-up and leaves my skin fresh and clean.

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