Givenchy Gentlemen Only Parisian Break

The new eau de toilette that gets every man. However picky he may be

I get an SMS: “I’ll be back tomorrow. What shall I bring you?” My girlfriend is on a business trip, so I’ve had a couple of days just for myself. But, in the meantime, as usual, these days come with the regular ping-pong messages: she tells me she wants to buy something for me, I say no, there’s nothing I need, she insists and, finally, I end up getting a cup or a T-shirt. Of course, I must get enthusiastic about it. Just that this time I really want something – so I SMS her back that I would love a new perfume. Wonderful, she says, kind of relieved that she doesn’t have to guess. Only that our discussion doesn’t stop here. The classics are about to kick in: “Anyone in particular?”, “Sweeter or fresher?”, “Stronger or lighter?” Pfff. Well, funny conversation, I grant you that. But I gave her no more clues: “Surprise me”, I said, and that was it.

Well, honestly, I’ve taken a gamble: I usually choose my perfume myself. Then again, in the end, how bad can it be?! She just knows me for ages, she knows what I like and what I don’t, so on and so forth… And, I wasn’t wrong this time: I got a brand new eau de toilette – Givenchy Gentlemen Only Parisian Break – that smells really (really!) good. Fresh, tonic and elegant with its lemon, mint, sage and vetiver notes. Bottom line, a citrus aromatic woody perfume that perfectly suits me. I even love the design of the bottle: it’s adorned with a stylized sketch of one of the most bohemian Paris sites of all – I’lle de la Cité. And, of course, la Seine.

The face of Givenchy Gentlemen Only Parisian Break is Simon Baker himself. Hmm, it’s pretty obvious that I suspected my girlfriend a little bit for choosing it no so much for the aroma, but for the sexy Baker ad. We joked about this for a while and then I asked her discreetly when her next business trip will be. I’m already thinking of some other gift.

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