The gourmand’s guide: Barcelona

The delicious dishes you simply shouldn’t miss in Gaudi’s city

The holiday is the time when the diet rules no longer apply. Especially when you’re visiting a foreign country and you lust to try the traditional cuisine. And, to be honest, I haven’t yet met a more tempting and suited place to cheat on my diet than Barcelona. You really can’t say no to the fresh seafood dishes, the famous tapas snacks or the shrimp paella. And, after all, you’re in vacation – it’s not like you’re feasting upon these delicacies every day.

The tapas doesn’t even come close to what you might find in Bucharest’s restaurants menus. But the idea is the same: small portions from various kinds of snacks, quickly prepared, so you can treat yourself with a varied and quite plentiful meal. From scallops and shrimps to potato or chicken dishes, you’ll most certainly discover something to enjoy. Not to mention the tiny restaurants you can find on the ground floors of the buildings, on almost each and every street. And as every place has its own trademark menu, your options are literally countless.


Paella is prepared after an endless number of recipes, so it’s unlikely you won’t find something you like. Still, if you opt for a low calorie paella, go for a seafood recipe. From my personal research, on the spot, I can guarantee you that a well-done paella has its rice prepared aldente. And the seafood paella contains shrimps, octopus and squid. The plates are generous enough, so it’s plenty to share.

La Boqueria is one of the places where you can eat some of the best seafood dishes. It has that lovely, cosy atmosphere, that makes you linger for hours. La Boqueria market’s history begins in the 1200s and since then is located on the famous La Rambla Boulevard. Among the stands with fresh seafood, jamon and all kinds of fruits, you can also find some small restaurants where the food is cooked right there, on the spot, in front of you. They serve all sorts of goodies in the most authentic street food style – the options are so diverse and look so appetising that you definitely won’t leave without, at least tasting.

I’m not a desserts’ aficionada, but I just couldn’t help myself from trying some sweet pastries. Barcelona’s locals love a sweet nibble any time of the day, so, most likely, you’ll always be near a pastry, regardless the neighbourhood. Whether you choose a quick snack or a delicious, sophisticated dessert, you can indulge yourself in all sort of sweets: from pancakes to waffles, cakes and even donuts specific to the region.

For someone like me, who prefers the more slightly sweet drinks, sangria is perfect. The base for this cocktail is made up from a mix of cognac, on top of which are added up citrus syrups, red wine, apples and oranges. It’s a fresh, mouth-watering drink that can be savoured in almost any part of the day.


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