Black Friday | Duty Free online shopping guide

7 steps for an unforgettable shopping experience

Welcome on board of the first BLACK FRIDAY designed exclusively for travelers, a unique event that gives the Duty Free Experience a whole new dimension. On November 16 th we have prepared for you not only thousands of premium products and an exquisite shopping experience, but also exclusive privileges that you can achieve right now. Only if you follow the next steps…


Apply for Priority Access

Book a seat in the VIP Lounge and you can enjoy a three-hour Priority Access before the official Black Friday start. All you have to do is fill in your email address in this form and add a flight confirmation or an e-ticket in the next step. Remember that the departure date must be after 16th of November for you to enjoy Black Friday Duty Free shopping. More details about the plane ticket requirement – right here.


Unlock the star products

We have prepared over 4000 products with up to 70% off for Black Friday, but we decided to reveal 9 of our travelers’ wishlist. We should also add that our Black Friday is not scarce on novelties, limited and airport exclusive editions, niche perfumes and all the luxury brands that we have always offered you in our airport shops and online. Discover some of them right now!


Enjoy the VIP treatment

If you enter the VIP Lounge, hence you add a plane e-ticket in your account before November 14th , you’ll instantly get an extra 5% voucher that you can apply to your entire Black Friday shopping basket. Yes, the voucher applies on top of those up to 70% off that everybody will have access to. P.S. Remember that the flight date on the electronic ticket must be subsequent to November 16th. Time to check in!


Add products to your wishlist

On Black Friday, a few minutes can make a difference between getting your favorite products and crying because they are out of stock. Add them now to your wishlist, so on Black Friday you can place your order in no time. Also, by making a list before the actual event, you can make sure you don’t forget about the presents for your loved ones. The ones you want to give for their birthday, for Christmas or for no reason at all.


Set a password to your account

…and remember it. It’s certainly happened to realize you forgot your password right before placing the order. And then you saw what’s next: you ask to reset your password, get an e-mail, open it, think of a new password (eventually one you won’t forget), confirm it. Bang…you already lost several minutes and possibly the products in your cart which got out of stock. Well, make sure this won’t happen on the 16th of November.


Add a delivery address

Or more than one. In your online BestValue account you can add multiple addresses, such as your home address, office address, your mother’s, best friends’ or office colleagues that always want to enjoy Duty Free shopping based on your plane ticket. Don’t waste time on Black Friday and add all the addresses right now!


Be happy you’re a traveler

During Black Friday, remember to be happy for being a traveler. You have Priority Access to one of the most awaited shopping events, VIP Voucher with extra 5% off, free delivery for any order over 100 Lei and at EasyBOX, no matter of value, anywhere in Romania and a unique shopping experience. And then…you’ll be taking off to a new destination…that has all the chances of changing your life.

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