Floral-aquatic notes

The new eau de toilette Oympéa Aqua from Paco Rabanne invites you to ancient Greece

With summer coming, we have to choose from lots of perfumed launches, each one more daring than the other. Its almost like you don’t know what to choose. Each brand comes with new limited editions and, if summer would last longer, you could enjoy a new aroma every week. However, like it or not, we have to choose. I stopped at Olympéa Aqua, an eau de toilette that fits into the floral-aquatic fragrance category. It’s inspired by the athletic spirit of competition, by victory and by the sport contests that took place in the ancient Greece. Just the reason why the bottle is adorned with the iconic laurel crown, the very symbol of victory since antiquity.

But I think it’s high time to talk about the really seductive aromas in their purest form, leaving aside the history and the bottle design. Well, Olympéa Aqua opens with the luminous Calambrian bergamot notes and with an unexpected salty vanilla signature. The middle notes get to you at once: lily and ginger flower. In the end, the fragrance becomes mysterious, just as its special ingredients – ambergris and cashmere wood.

Paco Rabanne gives you another clue about the right moment to wear its new eau de toilette. Well, it’s about the seemingly frosted bottle, a clear omen that the perfume is ready for the warm season. After all, doesn’t it seem like holiday?

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