Remy Martin – the taste of excellence

Founded in 1724, the House of Remy Martin has always been driven by one ambition: that of making the world's best cognac

When you say Remy Martin, you say exceptional. You say remarkable. You say no compromise. You say tradition and craftsmanship. You say history, generations and family. Quality down to the smallest details. Indulging yourself with a distinct aroma. But, more than that, you talk about a symbol – an iconic brand that continues to amaze, to keep alive its values, to grow, to innovate. A brand that’s has passed now, for a long time, the test of time. But before you leisurely savor a glass of Remy Martin, here’re 8 things you should know about the evolution of this brand:

  1. The story of the Remy Martin House begins in 1724, when a young winemaker, from Cognac city, begins to produce a cognac bearing his name, Remy Martin, becoming, thus, the only Cognac House founded by a winemaker.
  2. Remy Martin is a family business for almost three centuries, managed by two families – Remy Martin and, then, Heriard Dubreuil – that share the same passion for cognac. Remy Martin is a company where the savoir-faire, passion for the land, experience, dedication and unique formulas have been passed from one generation to another. Where magic, entrepreneurial spirit, talent, work, solidarity and vision have mingled miraculously, creating the core of Remy Martin’s spirit. Thus, being part of Remy Martin means being part of a family.
  3. In 1738, King Louis XV of France – charmed by the refinement and the qualities of the cognac – granted to Mr. Remy Martin, through royal decree, permission to plant a new vineyard in a period where this was strictly prohibited in France.
  4. In 1810, Paul-Emile Remy Martin takes over the House and makes the brand known beyond Europe, in the United States, Asia, and Pacific.
  5. In order to increase the development of the brand overseas, in 1870, Paul-Emile Remy Martin, a passionate astronomer, creates the first logo of the company: the centaur. The famous emblem of the House lives even today all over the world, certifying the brand’s quality.
  6. One of the secrets of the cognac produced by Remy Martin is the chalky soil of Grande and Petite Champagne, regions that ensure the ideal conditions for the cultivation of the grape varieties used in the cognac production. The secret of these vineyards lies in the extraordinary soil of the region. The result? Extremely aromatic grapes and an eaux-de-vie with unprecedented potential to mature.
  7. Pierrette Trichet is the first woman who was named Cellar Master at an important cognac House. She waived the secrets of Remy Martin‘s legacy to Baptiste Loiseu, the current Master Cellar of Remy Martin.
  8. Remy Martin stays true even today to the old methods going back centuries ago: the selection of eaux-de-vie in Limousine oak barrels, after distillation in small in copper containers. This traditional process creates a perfectly balanced cognac, with subtle notes, fruity and floral, with oaky spicy aromas – for almost three centuries – to the unique touch of the Remy Martin’s cognacs. In one word: harmonious. Delicious. Unforgettable.
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