Put a ring on it

Or as many as possible. And with colorful crystals. Because the new Swarovski rings incite to opulence

Whenever I step into a jewelry store, I like to linger a bit and uncover its magic: I enjoy taking my time to admire and to try out different models, or imagining how a necklace, a ring or a bracelet would match an outfit or another. And one more confession: recently, I fell in love with rings. It was one of those usual days, when I went shopping with one of my best friends. And, it was me, that for years look only for minimalistic jewelry, that I was seduced by the Swarovski jewels, by the fabulous brilliance of the colorful crystals. More out of play, to be honest, I’ve tried a ring with a huge crystal in shades of green, purple and blue, on top of which were applied several small crystals, somehow arranged like a palm leaf. And I have to say once again: I, a fan of minimalism, I have put on my finger a bright, colorful, opulent ring. And I fell in love with it on the spot. The model is named Gisele and, now, as I’m writing this, it rests nicely on my index finger.
The only problem is that I left the store with a slight anguish. Although I was so delighted with my new purchase, I left with my heart stuck on more than one Swarovski rings. All opulent, with crystals in a similar color palette: shades of purple, blue and green. I was completely vamped by the Tatiana and Gaia rings, for their slightly vintage feel and I would love to wear them both at once (not one at a time) with a simple, black evening dress. The Cyan ring is golden with tiny blue and turquoise crystals, and it reminds me of the sea and exotic holidays. And the Calista ring is insanely fabulous: a gradient starting with white crystals, then green, pinkish and purple, over which a string of pearls is applied. Bottom line, I enjoyed them all, as they are somehow different, because they break the classic, prudent design that I was used to. And since we’re talking about opulence, I’d like to go all the way, no half measures: to wear several of these gorgeous rings on the same hand. With an all black outfit, no other jewelry, to make them shine at their true value.

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