Heart of the Orient

A new Guerlain unisex perfume, inspired by the culture and the aromas of the Middle East

The Guerlain Santal Royal eau de parfum looks just like a jewel: a black and opaque bottle, elegantly adorned with golden elements that remind you of the oriental design. Yet not only the design takes you into the fascinating Arabian world, but the irresistible mix of aromas. Thierry Wasser, the creator of this eau de parfum, worked with one of the most precious ingredients in the perfumery world: sandalwood, which confers a refined and mysterious touch.

Santal Royal is an intriguing world of contrasts between the wooden notes, the leather and musk ones, opposite to the floral jasmine and rose aromas. And this is not all: the perfume also features neroli and sweet peach notes, as well as cinnamon. In the end, everything looks like a delicious desert, with a majestic recipe: sweet and floral, but woody in the same time. This unique blend makes it the perfect choice for both women and men.

Its been told that every aroma brings out a memory in you, a sensation that you once felt. Assuming this, Guerlain Santal Royal will take you away in a journey in the heart of the Orient, maybe into a traditional market – a souk – the place where the spices and sweets aromas intermingle in the most mysterious ways, finally becoming one.

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