Men fragrances under 100 lei

Famous essences that have now affordable prices

parfumuri barbatesti ieftine

I’ve made a selection of five of the most wanted and loved men’s perfumes that just don’t have a prohibitive price. Yes, you’ve heard it right. They have these great compositions and seductive aromas – the two elements that ensure their success and make them timeless. Find them just below.



Dreamer, Versace

Launched by the house of Versace over 20 years ago, Dreamer is an absolutely sensual eau the toilette. An oriental perfume that reminds of a starry sky and a romantic, passionate evening in two. Its composition is fabulous, mixing citrus with mugwort, and then, tarragon, juniper, carnation and lily, but also tobacco, vetiver and pine notes.


007, James Bond

Like action? Then you, certainly, like Agent’s 007, fragrance. It was created for the strong, fearless man who doesn’t run from the any challenge. And who always wins. The eau de toilette 007 from James Bond surprises you with the bergamot, green apple and geranium notes. The heart of the fragrance contains lavender, cardamom and rose, while the base is woody: sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli.




Uomo, Moschino

An undisputed success, Uomo from Moschino continues to be one of those perfumes that stay high in the top, although it was released in 1997. It seduced through its combination of coriander, rose wood, cinnamon, sage, but also with plum wood, musk, mugwort and cedar accords. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really have to.


Lagerfeld Classic, Karl Lagerfeld

When one of the most influential people in the fashion world – by the way, a true symbol –, Karl Lagerfeld, creates a fragrance, then certainly is a memorable one. Lagerfeld Classic is sophisticated and surprising. An unexpected mix of bergamot, sage, lemon, and tarragon followed by rose, jasmine, tobacco, sandalwood notes. Towards the end you can feel the tonka grains, vanilla, musk and amber notes.




Cool Water, Davidoff

You must own it at least once in a lifetime! Cool Water from Davidoff is the fragrance aimed to the dynamic and full of energy man. A man who never gets tired. It’s fresh, reminding of the ocean, but it also contains mint, a little bit of jasmine and orange blossom. The composition is balanced with tobacco, musk and amber notes, which make this perfume whole and awesome.

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