#MeetOurTeam: Claudia Dinu

Passionate about sports and beauty

You definitely met Claudia Dinu in the airport, in the BestValue shop, where she recommends the Shiseido products. But, besides beauty, Claudia has also another great passion: running. Only in 2016 she participated in 19 competitions – at 13 of them she won a position on the podium. Below, she shares the story about her two passions and the way they get along.

We know that you enjoy running and that you participate in many competitions. When was this passion born?
My passion for sport was born for more than six years ago. I first started going to the gym, then I began to alternate the gym time with a run in my spare time, in order to keep me healthier, to have a more fit body and feel better. I fell in love with running after participating in several half-marathon competitions, then I picked up this hobby seriously. I turned to a marathon coach to have better results, but without thinking about how far I can get.

How does your passion for sport mix with the one for your job? What are the most enjoyable parts in both?
Running and my job fit perfectly. Sports helped me to become more responsible, more energetic and optimistic and I gained more physical endurance with which I can cope fatigue more easily. Through sports I learned to be a fighter and to surpass my limits, it made me want to become better in everything I do.

How about the hardest moments?
All these are related to the limited time I can allocate to having fun, but also to all the investments I need to make for continuing practicing sports and paying for all the competitions fees. To prevent injuries I need to take certain vitamins and supplements, to have a corresponding equipment plus a good coach. My friends have to be understanding when I often can’t go out with them for an evening in town and cannot participate in events that are physically challenging. Mental fatigue due to stress is another difficult moment in sports, but also when it comes to my job. I used to worry a lot, because I wanted to have good results. But, on the other hand, I’m doing everything with great pleasure. I know it helps me to strengthen my morale and to grow my ambition to accomplish my dream.

How do you manage to make time for sports? When do you run? Before or after work?
I manage to find the time, I always did, regardless of the schedule. For me, sport is a moment of relaxation. Due to my schedule that allows me to have workouts only during my days off, I train in the morning, to get the energy for the rest of the day. I run for an hour or two, between 12 and 30 km a day, three or four times a week.

How did your lifestyle change since you started to run?
My lifestyle has changed completely. I started to be more careful about nutrition, as it helps me to cope with the effort and provides me with the necessary energy. Of course, there were sacrifices: I gave up the evenings in the city in favor of the extra hours I need for rest.

To how many competitions you have participated over the years?
More than 30 competitions in two years, since I started practicing sports more seriously.

Which is the competition are you most fond of?
Gerar was the first competition in which I participated together with my coach and a friend – we were supposed to run in a team and not get distanced from each other. For me it was a challenge, given the fact that I had a coach for only three months and I was supposed to keep up with two men. But ambition and willpower helped me to successfully pass the finish line, winning second place in the mixed team category and with a very good time back then.

What is your dream when it comes to sports?
To overcome my boundaries, and be able to reach further. To be one of the elite athletes and, why not, to participate in the Olympic Games, at marathon.

What do your friends and family say about your passion?
At first it was hard for them to understand why I was doing so many sacrifices and had the impression that it was a torment. But, in time, I showed them that all the sacrifices have brought only good results and now not only do they endorse me, but also offer me the much needed moral help. My best friends go with me to competitions no matter where they are held, and are beside me 100%.

Did you manage to convince someone close to run with you?
I managed to convince many friends to start running for the good mood and the health it brings, but still I can’t take them to my workouts: it would be too difficult for them and then they wouldn’t enjoy running anymore. At first you need patience, to take it slowly and only then, with a bit of willpower, you’ll sure be able to get where you want. You must have confidence and patience, the results will surely come.

What rewards do you get when you participate in a competition?
Only by participating you’ll see what a competition truly means, you’ll feel the excitement and adrenaline. The biggest satisfaction is to see that you can overtake your limits without the effort that you put during the workouts, but also the experience of the running alongside ambitious and optimistic people.

Did sports help you to become more competitive professionally?
Sport has given me the strength to become a stronger, bolder, more competitive with myself, so my sales target at the job is a competition that I try to finish fruitfully and to get the best place on the podium.

You work surrounded by lots of fragrances, cosmetics and accessories. What do you choose when you are training?
Shiseido Sports BB, for the protection and a smooth complexion. It’s water and sweat resistant and especially created for outdoor activities. Before that, though, I use the Ultimune serum and the Bio Performance Glow Revival cream, both from Shiseido.

What’s your make-up for the job?
I choose a more sophisticated makeup, because I represent the Shiseido products so I have to wear more than mascara on the eyelashes. I use Shiseido Glow primer, Synchro Skin foundation, Mascara Full Lash, Sheer Matifying compact powder, 7 Lights Powder Illuminator blush, black Automatic Fine Eyeliner, red Shiseido Rouge on my lips, an Shiseido Luminizing Satin Trio nude eye shadows.

How about in your spare time? Or when you go out?
When I go out, I wear a more colorful make-up: Shiseido Full Lash or blue YSL Effet Faux Cils mascara, Shiseido Synchro Skin, 7 Lights Powder or Guerlain Terracotta powder, Lancome Matte Shaker no. 270, Chanel Coco no. 449 or Shiseido Veleid Rouge no. 304, Shiseido Eyebrow no. 603 pencil, or Clinique 03 eye shadow palette. In my spare time, I choose Shiseido Sports BB, Shiseido Full Lash mascara and Dior Lip Maximizer.

What perfume do you wear at the office/when you’re training/when you go out?
When I’m working I go for Shiseido Ever Bloom eau de parfum, when I go out, Alaia or Narciso for Her, and when training, Zadig and Voltaire, This is Her!

What are your favorite care products? And what would you recommend for women who practice sports?
I fell in love with the Shiseido products way before I started working for this brand. I use the Benefiance cleansing foam, the Benefiance lotion, the Ultimune serum, the Glow Revival cream, the Future Solution LX emulsion, and the Glow Revival eye cream. Then, Shiseido Sports BB, for the body, Future Solution Body cream and SPF 30 Expert sun if I go for a run in the summer. I’d recommend to all the women who do sports during the summer to protect their skin with an Expert Sun protection cream because it is waterproof, to use a BB cream with SPF 50, and in the mornings and evenings to provide the much needed immunity for their skin with the most concentrated Ultimune serum.

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