Margot Robbie

5 times I've envied her hairstyle

Although she began her career when she was just 10 years old, the Australian actress has truly become famous after her role in the The Wolf of Wall Street, where she starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. One of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, Margot Robbie always fascinates with her gorgeous red carpet appearances. And I’m not talking just about her meticulous choice of outfits – I’ve been a long admirer of the way she fixes her hair: always elegant, but with a twist. Get some inspiration from the five hairstyles I chose below.


Braided hair

A great alternative to the classic bun. Her hair is loosely braided and then tightened at the back, exposing the whole face. For such a look, you’ll need, first and foremost, volume. And for this particular purpose there is a special spray from Moroccanoil which will be applied at the roots. In addition, thanks to its argan oil and protein content, it also provides protection.


A different kind of bob

Straight hair, shoulder trimmed: a bob. Still, Margot chose not to wear a classic bob, parted in the middle, but on the side. Furthermore, the hair is not perfectly straight, suggesting a feeling of an unstudied, carefree look. But which product should you use if you want such a look? Well, if you have straight hair, try the sea salt spray from Tony&Guy. Spray a few times, then slightly squeeze your locks in your fist. You’ll get this straight-but-not-very-straight hair look. Pay attention, however: when applied on wavy hair, the spray creates curls. Bottom line: definitely it’s worth a try.


On the back

The same bob haircut, but with a completely different styling. Margot has her hair teased and fixed on the back. The secrets of this hairstyle are the volume products, and those for fixation. My recommendation? The Elnett Satin Hairspray from L’Oreal Paris. It’s an iconic product, one of the Hollywood stars’ favorites.


Loose curls

Whether your hair is straight or wavy, I’m sure you already know by now how to make great looking loose curls by yourself. With a hair curler or a hair straightener. But the most important thing is to protect your hair from the harmful effects of the heat. And that’s precisely why the Heat Protection Mist from Tony&Guy was invented: just apply it on your wet hair, then simply fix it as you please.



Yes, I know, there’s no big philosophy in it. The point of attraction here is the slightly unfinished hairstyle. Margot’s hair gets great volume, it’s vaguely wavy, and, most importantly, it’s healthy. And that’s the pure, undisputed truth: when the hair is healthy, it looks good even when fixed in the simplest ways imaginable. My suggestion is to apply the intense hydrating mask from Moroccanoil twice a week. After just five minutes, your hair will shine with… healthiness.

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