Love to shop before I fly

Or why are we always late at the boarding gate

Check-in, security check, passport control…then boarding, right? Well, not really. Because how could you explain why some reach the boarding gate 40 minutes ahead, while others get there slightly before closing time, running themselves out of breath while holding on to their shopping bags.

What happens between passport control and boarding?

Well, there is a store there that basically makes the time stop.

A store that invites all travelers into a whole new universe that celebrates beauty, colors, flavors and dreams come true. That is the place where all your worries end and the real journey begins. A place that gives us that little self-indulgence that we all deserve, especially when we travel. Between passport control and boarding there is a store called BestValue.

So from now on, if you’re wondering where all those passengers who are always late at the gate are, remember you already know the answer: at BestValue.  And the reasons why they stop there every single time are countless. But if we were to ask them that, the answers would probably be the following:

All travelers know this: BestValue store has truly irresistible prices. You can spoil yourself with exceptional brands at preferential prices each time you travel – and now even online. And the “Travel Retail” prices, available in Romania only at BestValue, are up to 40% lower than the local market price. How could you not love that?

BestValue is the only place to find an amazing selection of exclusive products. From limited edition perfumes, irresistible scented miniatures and special spirits, up to sweets and travel exclusive toys, BestValue is the place you’ll always find unique presents for yourself or your most picky friends. Love, love, love.

BestValue has a website. And yes, you can order anything and anytime you want, as long as you validate a plane ticket online – the same as giving your boarding pass at the cash register in store. Yes, delivery is free for any order over 100 lei and at EasyBOX, no matter of value, anywhere in Romania. Yes, your favorite products will be delivered at home in less than 3 days. Yes, this means LOVE, not like!

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