Looking for the sun

5 get away places to enjoy when Europe gets cold

The weather discreetly let’s us know that, shortly, we will have a Narnia-like landscape. And it will be nice, at least for a few days: snow like in fairy tales, mulled wine or spiced tea, scented candles or even time spent on the slopes, skiing.
But however seducing all of these may sound, the thing I want most, in the cold season, is to sit comfortably in a chaise-longue in the shade of a palm tree. To enjoy once again the sun and get yet another summer vacation, even though it’s all winter by the calendar rule. Apart from Asia, with its superb spots, I keep wondering where to go this year? I have to choose from five destinations below. Tough job! Maybe you can help me decide.



There are so many places worth seeing in Morocco, that you’ll probably need a three weeks vacation. From the famous Casablanca and Marrakesh, Rabat and Fes to the superb beaches on the Atlantic coast: Agadir and Essaouira, an absolutely sensational city-port. However, even if you won’t find much sun in the North, it’s worth getting to the mountains, to Chefchaouen, Morocco’s blue city.



November’s probably the best time for a vacation in Dubai. Not too hot, just perfect for the beach. And the beaches here are so fabulous. Go to Nasimi Beach, for example: relax and enjoy the sun during the day and the great parties in the evening. Mainly known as a luxury-shopping destination, in Dubai you won’t find only huge malls and stumble upon all the brands you’ve ever heard of, but also exquisite restaurants and cool clubs.



Goa is one of the best places to spend the New Year’s Eve. In December, during the day, there are over 30 degrees Celsius. And, in addition to the beach, massages and the Ayurveda treatments, you have a lot things to do and see: shrines, buildings with a distinctive architecture – part of the world’s heritage – parties, fairs and festivals. You can even play at the casino. I bet it’s going to be fun. Especially if you win!



Montego Bay is synonymous with an exotic, unforgettable holiday in the Caribbean’s. Located on the northern coast of Jamaica, you’ll find plenty of resorts in this city port. You’ll adore the crystal clear waters, in stunning colors. If you’re into snorkeling, you’ve found your heaven – you’re going to feast your eyes with the most colorful fishes. Parties? Of course, almost every evening. Finally, if you want to do some shopping, our advice is to go to traditional objects’ market on Harbour Street or at the shops on Gloucester Avenue.



If you want a holiday to remember, it really pays off to choose Argentina. Buenos Aires is one of the cities that you most definitely deserve to see. And, of course, to dance the tango. It’s a marvellous spot, with any kind of food you might desire, with parties every single night and lots of places for shopping, from the most famous brands’ boutiques to local designers and antiques. This is one of the cities that you’ll hopelessly fall in love with – you’ll passionately want to return soon or, why not, even to move here.

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