Less is more

Or how to wear minimalistic jewelry

A very powerful trend, minimalism is expressed in lots of fields, from architecture to interior design, art and, of course, fashion. It’s hard to define minimalism, but it certainly has something to do with simplicity. It’s found in many cultures, yet it’s predominant in the Japanese Zen philosophy. A concept that conveys the idea of freedom, and that doesn’t only have an aesthetic value, but also with moral principles, with the things that really matter in life.

But my intention was to talk about fashion, more specifically about the minimalistic jewelry –, about those simple, yet very elegant pieces. No complicated details, nor lots of crystals. But discreet and refined jewelry, which don’t stand out, but for those people who know how to truly appreciate them. Jewelry at the opposite of the opulent ones, but that have as much charm. Jewelry we can wear at any time of the day.



They are the opposite of the classic rings, with encrusted stones or complicated models. They are simply, unpretentious, arty and crafty. Sometimes they have geometric lines; other times they look like a particularly thin ring. And, yes, you can wear them in more ways. You can pick a single ring, which will be a discreet detail. Or you can wear more, even on every finger.



A fine necklace, with a small a geometric shaped pendant. Or with a pearl. Or, simply, a necklace at the base of the neck, which appears to be painted on the skin. One, two, three? Doesn’t really matter, especially if the rest of your outfit is minimalistic too. Wear them with a white shirt or a simple T-shirt.



I’m thinking of the fixed, thin ones. Round. Or square. Without talismans, or anything else – we’re talking about simplicity here. Such a bracelet will enrich any casual-chic outfit.


Yet not all at once

Because too many jewelry – be them minimalistic – mean, of course, too much. If you choose to wear rings on every finger, you don’t need any more jewelry. Still, a delicate necklace can be worn with a pair of small earrings or with just a simple-lined bracelet. We have to face it: there are no recipes. There’s just the principle I started with: less means more.

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