Israel, the land of contrasts

Kaballah, pomegranate fresh, beach, hip clubs, silane, luxury hotels and the holy places

When you say Israel, probably the first things that you think of are Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Holy Sepulcher. And it’s natural, as Israel is very well known for all of the above and for the pilgrimages made in the Holy places. But have you ever thought to Israel as a holiday destination? Because this country has so many things to offer.

You’ll most likely land in Tel Aviv – and it’s really worth staying here for a few days. It’s a modern city, with Bauhaus architecture, hip clubs and hotels strung on the beach. Yes, I said beach: be sure to check the weather forecast before you buy your plane ticket as you might have a pleasant surprise when reaching your destination. For example, you can soak up the sun in October. And at breakfast you’ll have another surprise: it’s a real treat. Hotels offer a huge variety of dishes, various kinds of cheese, hummus, fish and so many other delicacies. And confidently choose the kosher food, prepared after the traditional rules: you will adore it. In fact, in Israel you will eat very well anywhere – humus in the small, cozy, traditional restaurants, cauliflower with silane (a syrup from dates), eggplant with yogurt and spices or impeccably prepared seafood dishes.

As for the Holy places I was talking about at the start, one thing’s for sure: if you’re going to Israel, you must visit Jerusalem. Because, no matter your religion, or how faithful you are, Jerusalem is an experience in itself. You’ll get impressed by the people praying at the Wailing Wall, the thousands of notes with desires which they place among the stones of the wall, as well as the cross-road – Via Dolorosa –, the street where Jesus has carried his cross.
If you’re lucky and have a longer vacation, you also must go to Haifa and visit the Bahai Gardens, which are, quite simply, breathtaking. And I’m not exaggerating at all: bunked on about one kilometer height on Mount Carmel and having a surface of about 200 000 square meters. From the top, you can see the city panorama and, on the horizon, the Mediterranean Sea. Stop and linger a little bit there, just admiring the view. And smile: you’re in heavenly place, full of positive energy. And that’s all that matters.

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