Ideas and trends in manicure

Which can be very easily put into practice

The simplest thing is to pick a nail polish in a nuance that you like, apply it on your nails in two layers and… you’re done! Okay, that’s what every one of us knows too well. Yet, if you want more than this, what would the possibilities be? What are the trends? What ideas can you use even at home?

  1. The classic French manicure (with a transparent or nude shade on the whole nail and matte white only on the peaks) is already passé for a bunch of years now. But you can reinterpret it in a very modern way: combine a nude with a dark red or even black nail polish. Or apply a very strong hue across the whole nail and choose another, contrasting!, for the peaks.
  2. Paint your nails with your favorite nail polish shade and, after it has dried, apply a dot in another tone at the very base of the nail. Wait again till it’s well dried. And, yes, play with as many different combinations as possible: red and black, red and pink, nude and white, nude and black.
  3. The glitter doesn’t make a splash only in make-up, but also on in manicure. Use your favorite nail polish and, before it dries, put your nail tips in glitter. The nude-gold or black-gold combinations are really spectacular!
  4. Instead of intricate nail paintings (and not necessarily elegant), apply little stars or sequins. Or even small crystals. And, not necessarily on all your nails.
  5. If you don’t want any elaborate model, pick a dark, intense red, for the elegant outfits. Nude, when you desire a very subtle manicure. Or delicate pink for a feminine look. And black – well, anytime…
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