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Just some years ago, there were not too many beauty products options: for hydration we used a cream, and for make-up removal, a milk or a lotion. Simple as that. And yes, there were some brands that shyly and cautiously launched some gel or an oil formula. Nowadays, however, there are plenty of options: new textures and products. Serum, mask, primer, cream, moisturizing and micellaire lotion, gel, oil and the list can go on. But lately, we have and abundance of oils. Not only for body, but also for face. Even the make-up products contain oil – for example, the new Tint-in-Oil from Yves Saint Laurent has so many lip shades. And no, I didn’t call it lipstick, because it’s not lipstick. It’s not a gloss either. It’s tint-in-oil, a new formula for shine and volume.

But let’s not get into (so many!) details and get back to oils. The very first time I used one, I chose a body oil. True, I looked at it with a slight distrust: I thought it will not get into my skin and that no matter how moisturizing, it won’t be a very pleasant experience. Well, I was dead wrong. The body oil is a real treat. It’s… oily, of course. But it absorbs instantly and leaves a silky sensation (just take my word fro it!) you will not forget too soon. If you want to try one, my suggestion is Deep Comfort Body Oil from Clinique.

OK, I was kind of familiarized with the idea of the body oil. But the face oil?! I admit I wouldn’t have hurried to try it if I wouldn’t have noticed that it’s a trend and that almost all the big brands have at least one in their portfolio. Well, that was the moment I really wanted to understand what it’s all about and I started looking for info. And so I learnt there is a real benefit of oils and even more that they are highly recommended by dermatologists for their boost of antioxidants – usually from seed, fruit and plant extract. And guess what? They are immediately absorbed! Well, it’s a little bit of a science here, but also a bit of magic.

And after all the necessary research, it just came naturally for me testing moisturizing face oil. And I chose a precious one: Divine Youth Oil from L’Occitane with organic immortelles oil, a product that contains 100% natural oils. It moisturizes, but also has a strong anti-wrinkle effect. The best part, of course, I kept for last: it has a light texture and, after you apply it, your skin is not oily at all. I think I mentioned already that it’s a little bit of magic here!

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