How to take care of your sensitive skin

And which are the appropriate cosmetic products

Some days ago, while talking with a dermatologist about skin care, he said to me that most of the women are asking him to recommend products for sensitive skin. Even those whose complexion is not at all sensitive – just that they think it is. But what does, in fact, sensitive skin mean? Tighten, reddish skin, and often irritated, especially when using a new product. Sometimes the skin sensitivity is just temporary and related to unhealthy habits: few hours of sleep, a lot of time spent in the cold or stress.
Whether the problem is permanent or temporary, the experts advise us to use mild products, specially designed for sensitive skin. Sometimes it’s easy to find out which they are – when it’s clearly written on the package ☺. However, many times you’ll find the mention for all skin types. In such cases, take into account the few tips below:

  1. Choose mostly fragrance free products. Sometimes, the perfume of the skin care products may irritate your complexion – so avoid them whenever possible.
  2. You’ve just bought a new cream or a serum? Well, have a little patience. Don’t apply it on your entire face. Do a test, instead: use a small amount, only in a certain spot for a few days. If you experience any irritation, it means that it’s not suitable for your sensitive skin.
  3. The hydrating creams containing natural extracts do wonders. Choose products containing shea butter – for example, the cream from L’Occitane, with 25% shea butter, which moisturizes your skin in depth.
  4. Another important ingredient is the green tea, which you can find in a lot of products. For the anti wrinkle treatments, pick Clarins Double Serum.
  5. Choose a gentle cleanser, which sweeps the skin immediately. Estee Lauder Take it Away dissolves even the waterproof make-up in a second.
  6. Use products with SPF all year round. Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus from Shiseido has a 50 SPF and acts not only against the sunrays, but also against the pollution in the city.
  7. Be also careful at the make-up products. There are some specially designed for the sensitive skin, such as the powder foundation Linjerie de Peau from Guerlain.
  8. In the evening, before bedtime, opt for a product that moisturizes, but, at the same time, has an anti-wrinkle effect. Shiseido Benefiance Wrinke Resist 24 is an emulsion, which improves the appearance of the irritated and sensitive skin.
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