How to survive a group vacation

Without feeling that you still need a holiday when you get back home

It’s all set: you’ve rented a beautiful villa on the beach, in a dreamlike place. It’s pretty spacious, you’re all sure that you’ll have enough room – literally and figuratively. A few close friends of yours and your husband’s – that you love to spend time with – are about to join you. Some have children, but it’s OK, they will play together in the yard, will make sand castles and will be busy competing in swimming in that nice pool.

At the very last moment, you’ve also invited your parents: your mother promised to prepare dinner every evening and you spare you the burden of washing the dishes. So you can’t wait to leave on vacation. And, finally, you’ve arrived on the spot – it’s perfect. It looks better than you imagined.

Your room…
… is all white and bright. From the balcony you can gaze the sea. You sit down on the bed, happy, when the door is suddenly striking the wall. One of your friends’ kid emerges out of nowhere and begins to shout: Mooooommy, I like it more here! I want this room! And he jumps on the bed, next to you. (Yes, the kid has his shoes on, and the sheets are white). I don’t know if you’ll give up your room or not, but you already have something to think about for the upcoming holiday.
TIPS: Choose the rooms before you rent the house. And make it crystal clear, so that you nobody can takeover your room or anything else.

The holiday driver
There are so many beautiful places around that it’s worth a car ride. You rent a spacious car, a mini-van for all? Or everyone rents his own? Then, there’s debate at the breakfast, during which you decide to discreetly disappear, so that nobody notices. You go out on the balcony and enjoy your coffee: what does it matter if they wanna have a car or more?! You come back when you figure a decision has been taken. And, indeed, the decision was taken: you’ll rent a mini-van that, guess what, you’ll be driving.
TIPS: Next year, forget your driver’s license at home. By accident of course.

Let’s have dinner together
It’s pretty difficult to gather 10 or 12 people and set up an hour to eat. Well, after long debates, you finally reach an agreement. Your mother intrudes immediately: Go to the beach, enjoy yourselves, you’re young, I’ll do the cooking! You have this strange sensation, you feel there’s something wrong, but don’t know what. You hope that all will be fine. You’ll all meet for dinner at 8. One of your friends arrives to 8:30 – he fell asleep when sunbathing. Your mom tries fake a smile, but it’s not coming out right. She sets the table, and everyone praises the food. She smiles again. This time it’s an authentic smile. Until she notices that somebody eats only vegetables and asks why. And she receives a very sincere answer: I’m on a diet and I don’t mix carbs with proteins. Your mother’s smile fades away again.
TIPS: Don’t leave on vacation with your parents. If you do that, have dinner in the city, at a restaurant .

How about tomorrow?

Ah, that question. If before you got here, you were hoping you would have no schedule, now someone wants to organize your time. To see the ancient ruins of the city. Or go by boat to who knows what beach. Or let’s go snorkeling; we have an instructor. You obey as you wouldn’t like to make a separate standpoint. So you pay far too much for a big boat, arrive at the beach, eat something, anything, at a local tavern, and return in the evening. You’re exhausted, after a day that cost a lot, a day in which you’ve tried to please everyone. At any risk, you go to sleep and skip your mother’s dinner.
TIPS: It’s OK to have a separate opinion. If you don’t want to go in trip with the whole group, dare and say it. Spend your day on the beach with a good book and a cocktail.

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