How to say I love you with a Christmas gift

And what are those gifts that show your lover what you feel for him

I have to admit I wasn’t too skilled at choosing gifts, especially when it came to a man. Pfff, everything seemed completely inappropriate. I really don’t know if they think the same about us, but it’s not easy to buy something for men. Or so I thought. I would try to find out exactly what he wanted or to choose a gift that relates to one of his passions. But all of the above didn’t always help me out. My boyfriend is truly fond of gadgets: he would dream at the latest smartphone on the market, the newest tablet, or to God knows what drone. Things I do not understand or are not necessarily appropriate as Christmas gifts as far as I’m concerned. I wanted to make him a gift that really means something, a gift that will remind him of me to me or of us together. So I seriously starting searching and I found some cool gift ideas, which I’m sure will convey to my beloved all that I feel for him.


A scented declaration of love

You may think that there is nothing out of the ordinary to give your lover a perfume as a gift. But if you choose one with the message, well, then things are different. I still ponder between The One from Dolce&Gabbana, and Eternity Now from Calvin Klein. The man who receives them will surely understand all you feel for him.


A fine drink, to be enjoyed together

You could pick a refined brandy or an old whiskey – both are perfect gifts. But a bottle of excellent champagne means more, much more: it’s an invitation to a romantic evening together. Hint: try Louis Roederer, I’m sure it will be to your liking.


A wristwatch just as precious as the time spent together

The most valuable thing you can give someone is your time. I know, it sounds just like a love novel, but in the end, that’s precisely it. And an elegant wristwatch will remind the person next to you of all the nice moments you spent together. I like the watch from Hugo Boss, with its classic design and black leather strap.


A keychain and… a key

The key to your apartment, in case he doesn’t have it yet – this is really the clearest and ultimate declaration of love. Hang the key on an elegant key ring from Montblanc, which your lover will hold on with the utmost care. And that’s because it will remind him of one of the most precious moments you two ever had.


A fountain pend and a note

Simply as sometimes words are needed. And, we all know it, words fly away, but the handwriting stays forever. Choose a fabulous Montblanc fountain pen and slip into the box a note. Write what you feel – that you know best.

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