How to make a perfect gin and tonic

Easy, refreshing and prepared by the book

When you’re entertaining in peak summer, especially in the hot afternoons, you have to offer your guests a light menu and a drink to match. Most often, strong drinks will be avoided – a glass of whiskey, be it on the rocks, will not be very inviting in a hot summer day. On the contrary, however good, it can ruin your party mood.
Beer is an option, but it’s not everyone’s favorite. Not to mention that if you’re throwing a party, you’d want to serve something less trivial. And the solution would be a well-prepared long drink: how about a gin and tonic? You can fix one very quickly, you don’t need many ingredients and, if you follow the simple steps below, you’ll see that it will be greatly appreciated by all your invitees.

You need:

  • 60-90 ml gin tonic (depending on the size of the glass)
  • two or three slices of lime
  • 90-120 ml tonic water

First pour the gin into a tall glass filled with ice. Then add the lime slices, but squeeze them a little bit, so that their juice will mix with the gin. Pour the tonic water, decorate the glass with one more slice of lime and you’re ready: you’ve made a perfect long drink, just good to be served!

Extra tip: If you want your gin and tonic to have an exotic feel, replace the lime with grapefruit slices. The result will be very appreciated.

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