How to fix your make-up

Without having to wipe it all off and start all over again

There are those days when I simply want to feel good with myself. To like what they see in the mirror. Sometimes I have an important meeting or maybe I have to go to a party. For whatever reason, if I like what I wear (and here I mean both clothes and make-up), my mood is changing for the better. Let’s just say I get an extra dose of confidence. So, in those days, when I approach the mirror and the make-up kit, I plan not to rush. You probably know why: when I’m on the run, the greater the chance something will go wrong. And that moment when I almost finished my make-up and I must remove it all and take it from the beginning… well, I don’t like it at all. And I try as far as possible to avoid it. I’ve learned, over time, a few helpful tricks. I even asked some professional make-up artists and I learned some more tips that have proven to be just as useful.

Too much foundation
Well, it happens. You want to cover any imperfection and end up using too much foundation. The solution is simple: press on your face a paper napkin. All the excess will remain on it.

Mascara stains
From the well-intended desire to flawlessly shape the eyelashes, sometimes the mascara will spread even beside them. The first thing that comes to mind is a cotton wool stick and a bit of cleanser – but this will purge more than you have proposed, including the eye shadow. The secret is to wait for the mascara to dry and then clean with same cotton wool stick, but dry. The stains will magically vanish.

Sticky eyelashes
You’ve probably applied too much mascara. To wipe it off means to obliterate it all: eye shadow, concealer, foundation. The best solution is to have at your fingertips a clean and dry mascara brush. Fix your eyelashes with it and you’ll get rid of all the excess.

The eye shadow falls under the eye
Especially when you’re using dark shades of powdery eye shadow, a bunch of small particles will fall directly on the barely applied concealer. Therefore, the make-up artists use a thick layer of powder under your eyes, which they take off only after they finish the make-up. If this method doesn’t come handy to you, you can first start with the eye make-up. Then simply wipe any unwanted trace of eye shadow and apply your foundation.

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