How to buy the perfect gift for a woman

And to bring her an unforgettable joy

No, we don’t believe in Santa Claus any more. However, we don’t like to admit it. On the contrary: we want to wake up in the morning and find a nice surprise under the tree. Well, for a thrilling surprise, you’ll either have to discreetly try and find out what women want, or just keep track of the rules below.


A woman who loves cosmetics will always enjoy getting a new make-up product. And it’s not that hard to choose! Just take a look into her make-up kit and you’ll discover what brands she loves. And remember the shades she uses in her make-up routine. If the tones are neutral and discreet, then it’s definitely not the case to offer her a blue or green eye shadow. If she uses strong colors for the lips, she’ll definitely enjoy a red or fuchsia lipstick. And a piece of good news: black mascara flatters every woman.

We use skin care products every day. Creams, make-up removal lotions, masks, serums… So, please name a woman who wouldn’t enjoy getting a new cream? Well, here, you have to pay a little attention, be very cautious. If you don’t have a very close relationship with this woman, then maybe it’s not a good idea to pick an anti-wrinkle cream as a gift. She might consider it an age issue, and you don’t want that. Got it? Then, if she has mixt complexion and you show up with a product for dry skin… she’s not gonna have anything to do with it. So choose skin care products for any type of complexion, make-up removers or body care products.

No, we don’t have enough bags. Never. It may be a small, medium, large bag, a day bag or an elegant clutch for the evening. It’s not that hard to choose. First, find a brand famous for its quality – like Furla, Coccinelle or Armani. Then think of the preferences of the one who gets this gift. Does she like strong colors? Or does she have in her wardrobe a predominant color? Then it’s simple: go for a bag in that shade. If she wears more neutral colors, then buy her a black bag. You can’t fail!

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