How to buy Duty Free products online

One thing’s for sure: you don’t have to wait for the departure day

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t like to buy perfumes and cosmetics from the Duty Free shops? The prices are much more convenient compared to other stores and, the most important thing, you have the ultimate guarantee that they’re (oh well, let’s just say it) not fake. One tiny problem: you travel by plane only a few times a year, and you cannot fill your luggage with fragrances and creams for the rest of the year. The solution?

Buy them online. Follow the steps below and enjoy Duty Free prices even when you’re at home. Because now you can actually do this!


Create an account on


If you’re keen on buying Duty Free products, you have to remember only one name: BestValue. This is the only Duty Free retailer in Romania, with shops in every airport. But don’t worry! Even if there’s no airport in your city, you can still access the online shop based on your e-ticket or flight reservation.



Validate a flight reservation in your account


Not the boarding pass, but the e-ticket or flight reservation. This means that you can actually purchase products online long before the actual departure date or the check-in. Fill in the validation form in your account with the information on the ticket or, if you don’t have the time or the mood, upload it and someone at BestValue will validate it for you.


Buy online until the day of your flight


Once your e-ticket or flight reservation is validated, you can order online anything you like and enjoy the same prices you find in the airport shop. Based on your e-ticket, you can shop online until the day of your flight. Here’s a tip: if you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll get all sort of surprises, from gifts to special offers, almost every week. Remember you have free delivery for any order over 100 Lei and at EasyBox, no matter of value, anywhere in Romania. Enjoy!


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