How bad is it if you fall asleep with the make-up still on? I’m asking for a friend

In a nutshell: it’s really bad. I’ll tell you why below

I think it happens to all of us: you come home late, very late, after a fantastic party. Then, all of a sudden, life becomes, lovelier: it’s the moment that you take off your shoes, and you get rid of the high heels (gorgeous, but not so comfy). And all you want now is to sleep, nothing more. Ah, I know the feeling so well! You don’t care anymore about the black, waterproof eyeliner that you carefully applied before you left home, nor the foundation or the red lipstick that will probably now remain on the pillow.

“I’m doing this just once, once,” you say to yourself. And it would be nice to be so: only once.

The reason that everyone – from dermatologists up to make-up artists, from your mom to your best friend – say that you never have to fall asleep without removing your make-up is truly not related to the traces of mascara and lipstick that, will eventually, remain on the sheets. These are not pleasant also, but, hey, with a little bit of luck, they will disappear at the wash. Yet the traces that can’t be removed will stay on your skin.

At night, while you sleep, your skin restores. And the make-up products clog your pores, thus not allowing your skin to breathe. What does this mean? Simple: that red spots and pimples may appear, that the skin won’t be smooth anymore, it will dry out, more wrinkles will appear, and the existing ones will grow deeper. If I were to summarize, your skin will age faster. And it’s not worth letting this happen for just two extra minutes of sleep.

OK, but if you didn’t wear anything else, just a little mascara on the eyelashes? You are still in danger: you can wake up the next day with an irritation or even with some infection.
So, no matter how tired you are, try to remove your make-up before you fall asleep. Especially since there are all kinds of cleansing products, with various formulas, that you will love and won’t give you much trouble. And one more suggestion: for those extremely late evenings, keep some makeup remover wipes in your bedroom nightstand. If you’re so exhausted, go ahead and use them, even if they, probably, won’t remove all the make-up. But that’s way better than not cleaning your face at all.

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