Holiday – girls only

In translation: airline tickets, cold prosecco and dancing until morning and

My first vacation with my best girlfriends only was spontaneous. I was having a bad day at the office – so awful, that I felt like leaving slamming the door. But, as it didn’t seem like the best time to quit just so, in anger, I got myself another coffee and I went out for a few minutes. I called my best friend and I told her how unfair is what’s happening to me. And how the company where I worked will never be successful if… and if…

She told me to take a few days off to reassure myself. Yet, I was unhappy: “Take some days off and stay at home?! How’s that going to help me? I’d go on vacation, but I don’t even have anyone to go with!” Because, yes, the guy I was in love with decided he needed a break. And a few months had already past since that “break”.

Well, that’s how the idea of a girls’ vacation came into our discussion. We co-opted three more friends and left for four days in Barcelona, to relax and rest. Between you and me, we only rested when we came back home. Because there can be nothing cooler than an escapade with your best girlfriends, in a city where people know how to have fun. Find some of these places, where parties are memorable, below:



I had to start with this place; it was only there that I left with my friends. In Barcelona, you don’t need to have a plan: if you stroll down La Rambla, people are dancing in the street. Tip: go to Opium, one of the most famous clubs, with themed parties and renowned DJs. If you like Spain, also consider Ibiza, the place where parties never end.



The city is gorgeous and even if you’ve never been there, I’m sure you’ve heard about the unforgettable parties. That’s why the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket was invented – it costs 10 euros and, with it, you can enter in over 20 clubs. You even have some drinks included! Don’t miss Paradiso, a three-stories club where more than 1000 people come to have fun until dawn.


Ayia Napa

It’s the perfect place to combine a seaside holiday, on the stunning beaches of Cyprus, with the every night and every day fun. Yes, there’s dancing even during the day here! In Ayia Napa there are beach parties, pool parties, and, of course, club parties. Add on your list The Castel Club: a huge place that can host 4000 people. The club has three dancing areas (in each of them the music is different), a quieter area and, obviously, a VIP area.



The capital of Serbia has become a landmark for tourists: it’s a fascinating city, full of history, with floating boathouses, great food, and, of course, with a vibrant nightlife. Starting with May, the fun on the floating clubs on the Sava River begins. The most popular exciting spots are in the area of the Old Railway and Gazela bridges, but do not forget those on the Danube, in the neighborhood of Hotel Yugoslavia.



It has tons of cool places, from art galleries, hip restaurants and shops where you can find treasures. But, at night, Berlin really knows how to party. You’ll find tons of clubs, where you least expect them to be: in a former factory, in an unrenovated building, in an old bike shop. A few names: About Blank, Berghain/Panorama Bar, Golden Gate or Salon Zur Wilden Renate. My advice? Read about them before anything. Berlin clubs can be surprising, so you’d better know what to expect.

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