Guess with whom I slept last night

And why today I seem happier than ever

I know the beginning of this article it’s a tad spicy, so I’m going to clear things out straight from the first paragraph: no, I didn’t cheat on my boyfriend. Nor did I have a white night, or wild sex, or anything. Nope. On the contrary, I slept quite enough – I had my beauty sleep, after all that’s the subject we are talking about :). I slept like a baby, yet I also tested a face care product, a mask-cream for the night.

I think I wrote here, some time ago, about my complexion: that it really shows if I somehow forget to use a face cream before bedtime; that in the morning I don’t like to look in the mirror. That the dark circles seem more pronounced, my complexion looks fatigued, and that it even seems that a couple of wrinkles have popped overnight (it’s probably me, as they do not appear in one night!). Yet everything is different when I use a cream before I go to sleep: it seems that I’ve rested long enough, that I look fresher… I like myself!

And it’s not just my impression: studies have shown that the night care products are extremely important and act while you rest.

Night creams usually have a richer texture, are more hydrating than the daily ones, and contain vitamins and ingredients that fight wrinkles. There are also serums and special oils for the night, that pamper your skin with their textures – and which, otherwise, would be challenging to use during the day, when you need a product which would also be a perfect make-up base.

Night masks are ideal when you need extra care. For example, when you feel your skin very dry and you want to provide more hydration. I fully understand if you’re a bit skeptical: probably you’re thinking you’ll have to sleep in a position that’s not comfortable – face up – so that you don’t touch the pillow. But, luckily, the night masks are quickly absorbed into the skin – I, for example, I never found my pillow fusty because of them.

In addition to all, there is a relatively new product, which has the texture of a cream and the properties of a mask: the mask-cream that I was talking about in the beginning. You apply it on your face just as you do with any cream. It gets absorbed quickly, yet acts as a mask. The mask-creams are a wonderful invention, because the results are noticeable from day one, but also because it’s a real pleasure to use them. Their texture is very smooth and pleasant, so in the morning you’ll simply radiate!

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