Guess who’s Cruella de Vil?

10 memorable costumes celebrities chose for Halloween

Heidi Klum’s the star who wore some of the most extravagant Halloween costumes – it was somehow expected, especially as she organizes her own event, each year, with the occasion of this holiday. But she’s not the only one who has all sorts of bizarre ideas when it comes to costumes. Celebrities actually compete at this particular chapter: each of them wants to shock, to come up with something unique or to hide behind a mask. Along the time, celebrities chose to impersonate rather evil characters – although, sometimes, a good fairy or a little angel got the part.
Well, the Halloween parties are close and we hope to see again some hilarious photographs with the Hollywood stars. But, until then, we’ve a made a selection of images from the previous years – well, we particularly focused on the more exaggerated and unexpected costumes. And to be honest, many times, we found it virtually impossible to figure out who’s in the photo. Can you guess? We dare you!

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