Gucci Cruise Collection 2017

An impressive fashion show, in an equally extraordinary location: Westminster Abbey

Who would have thought (and dared!) to choose a cathedral for a fashion show?! Well, Alessandro Michele, did. Named Creative Director at Gucci in January 2015, Michele has chosen to present his 2017 new cruise collection in the very heart of London, at – believe it or not – Westminster Abbey. And it was not just by chance or a mere whim – as he later declared in the Financial Times, he simply adores Jane Austen, “one of the first feminists, because she really understood what happens between a woman and a man”, and Queen Elizabeth I is one of his favorite women and “a huge inspiration”.

Alessandro Michele’s passion for the British culture was a tremendous influence for this collection, inspired from an unabashed and dauntless English style: punk plaids, chic rain bonnets and, of course, trench coats. It’s colorful and vastly eclectic – now you see a polka dot dress in the gorgeous style of the 40s, and in the very next minute, jeans and logo T-shirts, then ruffled dresses or the most unexpected combinations of prints. Simply surprising, see for yourself: the most spectacular looks are in the photo gallery below. Enjoy the ride!

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