For her and for him

La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada, an irresistible scented duo

My story with the Prada perfume realm dates back many years ago, more precisely in 2007, when I tested, out of pure chance – without knowing absolutely nothing about it – , Infusion d’Iris. It was something magical. I loved it from the first moment. But I told myself that it couldn’t be true, that I would have to think about it some more. I sprayed it on my wrist, I left, I’ve smelled it again and again, and in about just ten minutes, I was back in the shop and bought it. I’ve used it often and even now it stirs some of my loveliest and pleasant memories. After this first “interaction”, I kept an eye on the brand and tested any novelty launched by Prada. The very last time? Well, quite recent. However, before I saw the new duo from Prada on the shelf, I already have read about it. I knew that when you place them one next to each other, the two perfumes literally create a circle. There are two bottles that utterly complete each other, just like a couple. The one for women is adorned in white leather, while the masculine one, in black. Ladies first, so I’ve tested first the one for women: I felt right away the exotic aroma of frangipani, then the spicy notes, and, finally, those of tuberose. And, yes, it was again love at first glance – frankly, I liked it so much that I was almost tempted to buy them both, without even testing the one for men☺.
But I did it, after all, and I was truly convinced it was going to be a pleasant surprise for my boyfriend: iris, amber, geranium, neroli and patchouli. He liked it, too (wore it every day for the last week). Not to mention that I was somehow absolved of any sense of guilt: I didn’t just buy something for myself, right?

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