Fontana di Fendi

At the famous Fontana di Trevi, in the very heart of Rome, Fendi orchestrated a truly magnificient fashion show

The Italian fashion house celebrated 90 years and it was… truly spectacular. The event, on July 7th, took place at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Fendi has built there a temporarily glass catwalk.
Fashion editors from around the world have been impressed by the magic place, as well by the models that, literally, appeared to walk on water. Well, but why exactly did Karl Lagerfeld insist to put together the fashion show there? No, it’s not just a fluke. Fendi has invested 1.7 million pounds in restoring this baroque monument.
So, at sunset, on the glass catwalk surrounding the famous fountain, supermodel Kendall Jenner seemed to have walked through water. The latest Fendi collection is called Legends and Fairytales and was inspired by the works of the Danish illustrator Kay Nielsen, who created sketches for the writer Hans Christian Andersen. In short, a showcase of fashion that will really stay in history. And if you are not convinced yet, just watch the images – and, after that, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree.

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