Editor’s Pick: 5 products you must buy this (YSL) WEEK

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No, we won’t chatter about Opium, Manifesto or YSL Pour Homme. Nor about Volume Effet Faux Cils which we assume you already own. At the beginning of this year, we challenge you to experiment something totally new. And we’ll give you five reasons to try the products listed below. The sixth one is pretty obvious: between the 14th and 20th of January, you’ll get 20% off all YSL products on www.bestvalue.eu based on a flight ticket or booking confirmation. Let’s proceed!


Mon Paris, Mon Amour

This perfume perfectly captures the essence of Paris – city of fashion and love. So if you love Paris, you’re a declared fashionista, and despite this cynical world we live in, you still believe in love at first sight and butterflies in your stomach, Mon Paris Couture is the right fragrance for you.

Notes: white flowers, citrus, raspberry, patchouli.


Y Eau de Parfum

Maybe his birthday is right around the corner or you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day. Or maybe because men deserve to be spoiled without any particular reason, just as much as we do… We suggest you try the new Y Eau de Parfum to surprise him. Persistent, masculine and truly intense, Y is the perfect warm present for the cold days ahead.

Notes: citrus, sage, ginger, apple.


Touché Eclat

We’ve been taught to ask more from life. So ask more from a foundation also! Let it be a SPF infused hydrating cream and a nourishing product altogether. The formula of Touché Eclat contains 70% water, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and antioxidants, ensuring a flawless super natural aspect. Go get it, girl!


Couture Palette

These are the colors we use the most. However, these are also the colors we never have when we need them the most. Don’t deny it! So, Couture Palette is basically a must-have for every woman who prefers a natural make-up on a daily basis. The soft textures and the high intensity color pigments make sure your make-up looks gorgeous for up to 12 hours.


Rouge Pur Couture

Red. You love wearing red, but it’s hard to find the shade of your dreams. It’s like it doesn’t actually exist. Trust me, been there done that. But now that problem is history. Because YSL Rouge Pur Couture Reverted Red is everything you imagined and so much more. The creamy formula has a matte finish (yep, that’s a thing!) providing a flawless look without getting your lips dry. Perfect!

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