Discover the world of the chypre perfumes

Which are the keynotes and where from the category’s name derives?

You’ve surely seen many times, in the perfumes’ description, that some are part of a category called chypre. More specifically, those that contain – besides many other ingredients – bergamot, patchouli, labdanum (which is a resin) and oakmoss notes. Of course, over time, the chypre aromas have been reinvented, and that’s why we discover also sub categories – floral-chypre, fruity-chypre or leather-chypre. It is said that the name of the category comes from the famous perfume Chypre from Coty, released in 1917. However, if we pay attention at the time other fragrances were launched, we can easily notice that Guerlain has released their Chypre de Paris long before Coty did. And yes, the name chypre comes from the island of Cyprus (which, in French, is precisely chypre). Already curious? We hope so. Well, now it’s time to try out a few chypre perfumes – who knows, maybe you’ll find your favorite among them.


Ange ou Demon Le Secret, Givenchy

An extremely feminine and sensual elixir, Ange ou Demon Le Secret envelops you in an aura of mystery. It initially tempts you with orange blossom and tea aromas, to decisively seduce with jasmine and frangipani notes. Towards the end you’ll feel the musk, patchouli and amber bouquets.


Balenciaga Paris, 10 Avenue George V

Created by the famous perfumer Olivier Polge, Balenciaga Paris is a tribute to modern romanticism. It opens up with violet leaves and Virginia cedar notes, while the middle notes literally take you into a garden with carnations and violets. For the base notes, patchouli cedar and wood were chosen.


La Petite Robe Noir Eau Fraiche, Guerlain

It is one of the freshest aromas from the whole La Petite Robe Noir famous line. It will conquer you with its unique blend of notes, including tonka beans, patchouli, white musk, almond, and pistachio. The middle notes are predominantly floral – Bulgarian rose, freesia, sambac jasmine –, while the base ones contain bergamot, orange blossom, lemon, and mandarin.


Si, Giorgio Armani

The Si eau de parfum is unmistakable and irresistible, suited for a woman who has confidence in herself and in her choices. The vanilla and the black currant nectar aromas surround you from the very first moments, while afterwards the patchouli, freesia and rose notes are being sensed. The base notes are woody, and magically complete the fabulous composition.


Escentric E03, Escentric Molecules

Escentric E03, the unisex eau de toilette from the famous niche perfumery brand Escentric Molecules, is an inspired choice for anyone who wants a special aroma. Its creator has developed a mesmerizing combination between the citrus, spicy, floral and woody notes. You must try it! You really must!

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