Delicious surprises to put in your winter boots

Perfect for the little ones and grown-ups alike

Regardless of age, Saint Nicholas is an occasion for joy. Firstly, because, year after year, it’s coming with super cool, pleasant surprises – and, frankly, is very generous, as it doesn’t even take into account if we were good or not. But that’s our secret!



Chocolate with messages

You already know it: any chocolate assortment from Godiva is delicious. But the elegant Messages tout Chocolat box brings something new: a message on every candy! Savor all the four exceptional flavors: green tea with macadamia nuts, strawberries, caramel apple and coffee hazelnut. The candies contain, as always, ingredients of the highest quality.


The little car with sweets

Saint Nicholas brought sweets by car and… parked it near your shoes. More specifically, in addition to the famous and loved M&Ms chocolates, you now have a toy: a funny little car with which the little ones will surely play all year round. It’s going to be a great joy, we’re sure!


Lots of candy

And when we say lots, we’re not kidding at all. In the Mackintosh’s Quality Street box, you have 850 grams of candy with a delicious chocolate and caramel filling. A combination that will indulge your taste buds: a crispy crust and a soft, creamy filling. A wonderful surprise for all the family.


The jewelry box

But one that hides the most exquisite Lindt chocolate. 16 assorted truffles, in the color of gold – they are only placed in a jewelry box! You’ll discover creamy fillings and four irresistible aromas: chocolate, Irish Cream, Rose Marc de Champagne and Marc de Champagne.


An array of aromas

The Leonidas chocolate fans now have yet another source of joy: a box of 48 small chocolate tablets. And the good news comes just now: the sweets have a variety of flavors ranging from the classic dark chocolate, white or with milk, to those of orange. A gift loved at any age!

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