Dear Santa

I know I may ask a lot from you, but I was good girl – almost all year

I am writing to you as we know each other now for so many years, and this time I dare to tell you what I want. Enough, I won’t let you surprise me this year. Don’t get me wrong: I sincerely liked the thick socks from the previous year and they really kept me warm. I even used the mixer a couple of times, when my friends came over to my place and insisted to make some muffins. But since then it rests on a shelf and I’m wiping the dust off it from time to time. So I thought that this year it would be best to write and tell you what I really, really wish for.


Dear Santa, I admit, I’m a fashionista. I dream almost every evening a Furla bag – the model is called Metropolis, surely you’ve heard of it. It’s burgundy, made of cropped leather and has golden inserts. I would make a make a hit with it during the Holidays, yet I promise I’ll not hang it in the wardrobe for the rest of the year. On the contrary, I’ll wear it on so many occasions as it’s not suitable only for parties. I would wear it with my ripped jeans and my cool boots.



Then, you already know by now that I adore jewels. My mind relentlessly flies to that Swarovski necklace, and I can’t get it off of my head – it has oversized metallic chains and shiny crystals. And as I sometimes prefer to wear just earrings, I really need a sensational new pair. They are still from Swarovski, with a gorgeous golden pink hue and the most beautiful crystals. Be truthful, you like them as well, don’t you?



There would be also a watch, because, you know, I’m always running late. No matter how much I try – and I try hard – to be in time, I simply can’t make it. But clearly, it’s not me J: I’m sure this happens to me because I don’t have a wristwatch. Well, not any watch, but a stylish one, with a pink case and a strap made of pearls. It’s from Misaki and, believe me, Santa, it’s a real gem.





I’m also in need for a neat writing tool. I’ve been looking for the one for a long time now, but, unfortunately, my findings were either too clichéd, either just inappropriate for me. But now I found it – the one! It’s a Montblanc ivory pen with silver details from the Grace de Monaco collection.




I’m completely aware I ask a lot from you. But, look, I’m already trying to shorten the list. It’s just that I’ve gotten to the sunglasses that I desire so much! They are from Gucci, with the most amazing animal print frames. Seriously now, they are a must have for any fashionista. I will wear all year long – from the torrid days of the summer to the sunny winter days – especially in the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s Eve that I’ll spend at the mountains.


Here, I’m almost done. I will only add a bottle of divine champagne. Rose, from Dom Perignon. After all, it’s only customary to enjoy a fine drink for the Holidays, isn’t it?

Dear Santa, I’m aware that my list is long and that you are now trying to figure out how many trips you’ll have to make just for me. And as I fully appreciate your efforts, I want to ease your mission and tell you a secret: you can order all of the above online, in just one place: All you need is a plane ticket and you can order anytime – I’ll get them all at home. No worries, I will place them myself under the tree.

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