Daniel Wellington’s story

One watch, plenty of fabulous straps and as many different looks

Everything started with a journey and an absolutely fortuitous meeting. In one of his travels, Philip Tysander met a British gentleman, with an impeccable, yet not at all pretentious style. One of the small style details Philip was struck by was the way in which this gentleman used to wear a vintage watch with a NATO strap. Well, this classy British man was called Daniel Wellington. Inspired by his style, Filip Tysander decided to launch his own brand of watches, with a classic, minimalist, refined design, and several straps that could be subject to change.

Daniel Wellington watches are thin and elegant, with a clean, simple design, without too many elements to distract attention. And that because they have been designed to perfectly fit the colorful NATO straps. The result? A classic watch that contrasts when it is worn with a colored strap – a classic design that, successfully, passes the test of time.

Still, not all Daniel Wellington’s watches have colored straps, but also leather or metal ones, just like a mesh.

The NATO straps have become renowned in the 70’s, thanks to the soldiers in the British Navy. Now, used by Daniel Wellington brand for its watches, they are available in many color combinations and, furthermore, can be changed anytime: according to outfit, occasion or mood. Of course, you can choose a leather strap, black or brown, or a metallic, slim, stainless steel one, with a mesh-like design allure. This way, you can wear a different watch every day!

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