A Cosmopolian, please!

Good friends, fun and parties that last till the morning. And, no matter what, a Cosmopolitan cocktail

There are few cocktails that have a story. And I love stories. This is one of the reasons for I’ve tried Cosmopolitan: to taste it and get in touch with the experience. Now, my first “date” with Cosmo was a while ago. And it was unforgettable: I was out with my best friend – we haven’t seen each other in what seemed to me ages –, and for the first thirty minutes I kept whining about my hectic day. And I kept on doing this until, fortunately, the waitress came for the third time to our table and asked: “Anything to drink?” We both went for a Cosmopolitan: 60 ml vodka, 30 ml Cointreau, one teaspoon of lime juice, 125 ml cranberry juice and some crushed ice. Magic! In other words, the classic Cosmopolitan: Cheryl Cook named it iconic – just like, in fashion, is the little black dress.
I didn’t mention Cheryl Cook by mere chance. She is, by all legends, the creator of this cocktail. And not for nothing, as her recipe was very similar to the one we drink today. It happened around 1985, in a hip Miami bar – The Strand. But the legend of Cosmopolitan goes back in time, at the beginning of XXth century, when the bartenders fixed Cosmos, only based on gin.
But no, Cosmopolitan doesn’t own its name to Sex and the City only. The famous cocktail was famous long before that, with Madonna and other stars enjoying it before Carrie Bradshaw. And I get it now: it’s fresh, not too strong, and most of all, it brings about that unrivaled magic touch of New York. And as far as I’m concerned, it was the right choice: the one that changes your mood. 

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